EOCCC Math Inquiry Project

The EOCCC Math Inquiry Project was launched in the Spring of 2017 with the goal of mobilizing research and evidence on effective assessment and pedagogical practices in mathematics.


Through engagement with professionals and teaching practictioners from eastern Ontario Catholic School Boards we hoped to deepen our understanding of planning for effective mathematics assessment and instruction as well as professional learning models that support planning for effective mathematics assessment and instruction.


Together with professionals, teachers were tasked with co-developing models for cross-strand and interdisciplinary planning and co-planning professional learning that focused on the curriculum and a deep understanding of the continuum of expectations across the grades and divisions.


This digital resource is the culmination of this work and provides artifacts of our learning to model and illustrate effective mathematics assessment and instruction, including the co-creation of success criteria and development of rich learning tasks.


Visit our YouTube channel for more videos from each of the lesson sequences.